The SLO County Stumblers are an explosive and electrifying old-time string band in the purest sense. They knocked me on my ass the first time I heard them. They’ve got it…the ever-elusive “it” that you’ll find in the string bands of old and in a handful of modern string bands that are deeply in love with old-time music. The Stumblers are high-energy, tight-as-hell, fun, driving, and equally at home with scorching fiddle tunes AND the classic old-time song repertoire. Their soul-stirring vocals, killer clawhammer, booming bass, and ripping rhythm guitar will make you beg these words when you hear them: please don’t stop!!!!”

David Bragger, Old Time Tiki Parlor

Old Time is alive and well in the hands of SLO County Stumblers who bring the drive and grit stringband music deserves. They strike the perfect balance of taking the music seriously without taking themselves too seriously. It’s clear they have a rollicking good time playing with each other. Lend your ears a spell and good times will ensue.

-Brad Kolodner, Folk Alley and Bluegrass Country Radio

Press Photos

All promotional photos should be credited to Richard Fusillo

Festival Appearances

Fire in the Mountain Fest, Wales UK

Kauai Folk Fest, Hawaii

Live Oak Music Festival, California

Parkfield Bluegrass Festival, California

Pickin’ in the Pines, Arizona

Pozo Old Time Gathering, California

Santa Barbara Fiddlers Convention, California

Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest, California

Whalerock Music Festival, California

Westport Folk and Bluegrass Festival, Ireland